Our history began more than 40 years ago, when its founder Don Pedro Solá Ginesta arrived from Spain to Puebla. He started this great adventure after working for a textile factory, when he introduced his first group of towel looms, which he had restored by himself. He personally supervised every process until he was able to sell his towels in the informal market.

The company started to evolve as time went by. At first, it was officially known as “La Ballena” (“The Whale”) among the country and it was later renamed “Toallera Popular” (“Popular Towel Producer”). At that moment, Don Pedro’s efforts began to bear fruit, as he managed to acquire machinery that would allow him to grow exponentially and reach a 90-ton production per week. As a result, this wonderful company, now under the name of “Solá Textil” (“Sola Textile”), keeps growing thanks to its great legacy, which is expressed in every corridor and every corner of the factory.

From the very beginning, Don Pedro kept in mind that quality and honesty would always be his best presentation letter to accomplish his dream: “To be the largest company and produce the best towels in Mexico”.

This dream is now a reality, every day we are growing and innovating. We are well known for setting market trends, exceeding our customers’ expectations and strengthening our ties with them.

We continue weaving a story with you…


We offer a wide variety of possibilities, due to our partnership with recognized national and international suppliers of super absorbent 100% cotton thread, which has carded and open end quality. Furthermore, we have specially equipped warehouses to guarantee deliveries on a timely manner.

Our towels are manufactured in our two fully equipped knitting plants, with the versatility that characterizes us, reaching a production of more than 520 tons per month.

Our dyeing and finishing plant is provided with special machinery to guarantee the quality of our products. It has a testing and analysis lab to respond quickly and efficiently.

All our manufacturing machinery is automated with the most high technology.

In order to guarantee deliveries efficiently, the warehouse and shipping department have the capacity to store a stock of up to 150 tons of finished product.

In Solá Textil, our Quality Policy is regulated by the following concepts:

• Being one step ahead and increasing the expectations of our customers.

• Improvement, innovation and continuous service, to maintain and increase our business opportunities at the lowest possible cost.

• Our quality control is systematized, organized, documented, managed and reviewed according to the global standards of textile industry.

Future vision:
“Through honesty and responsibility we seek to become a global company, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers”.

“We exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with high quality, innovative towels and textile accessories, as well as standards of excellence and service”.

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